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      It was such a good party that some guy left his leg at the show!

      Don't panic, it was an artificial leg. But it's still funny as hell and indicative of what kind of party it was, them Cajun boys sure know how to throw down and cut loose on a long weekend.

      It wasn't just a good party and a great show, it also had a real good ''feel'' to it. Everyone's super friendly and just looking to have a good time for the weekend. I really enjoy them deep south parties where Southern hospitality ain't just another catch phrase from the Travel Channel.

      This show has a lot going for it and is always a great time. A giant contest followed by a band every evening, bike games in the afternoons, early morning poker ride, late night breezy ride, a Memorial service for the troops (hey, it's MEMORIAL day weekend!) and toss in a naked slip'n slide, some girls bubble wrestling and a few other odd's and ends and you've got yourself a party that folks look forward to coming back to.

      If you didn't make it out to this show you really missed a good one, but don't worry you can always their next event the LABOR DAY BIKER PARTY (www.labordaybikerparty.com).

      Biker BoB gives this show 9/10 beer cans


autumn rising

quick info at a glance
ENTRY FEES : $35 entry fee, $25 for Sunday only. Adults only must be 21 or better to enter.

LIVE BANDS : Autumn Rising, Jason Wesley, The Glitter Boys

OTHER ENTERTAINMENT : Clothing optinal water slide, Girls bubble wrestling, poiker run, midnight breezy ride, Memorial day service, Sunday AM service.

CONTESTS : Wet T shirt contest, Ladies thong contest, Sexiest lingerie contest

RALLY GROUNDS : Located on very secluded private property. Dirt roads, grass campgrounds. RV hookups available but reserve them ASAP because they go fast! Very nice brick bathrooms / shower houses, one for women the other for men. Good main stage with vendors in front. Plenty of camping space, some shade trees.

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