the sawmill in Celina, TN - live bands jason wesley

the sawmill in celina tn

DATES : January 22, 2011

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 21 or better to enter

LOCATION : Pea Ridge, TN

ENTRY FEES : $10 entry fee

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : Wet t shirt contest

LIVE BANDS : Jason Wesley

RALLY GROUNDS : Very nice and surprisingly large biker friendly bar in Pea Ridge, TN.

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Party Night at The Sawmill in Pea Ridge, TN

      Not much going on rally-wise this time of year (hell, it's the middle of January!!) so I thought I would pop over to check out Jason Wesley playing at The Sawmill, a very biker friendly bar near Celina, TN.

      I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in, the Sawmill is a lot larger than I expected. Full bar, cheap beer and they even serve food. And of course they've got a live band, a mechanical bull and a wet t shirt contest. And the place was pretty well packed out. Hell, it ain't a bike rally but it IS the next best thing to it!

      I had fun. Cool place, nice friendly people, pretty damn good band. Turned out to be good times. Check this place out if you ever get a chance, it's worth the trip!

      Bob rates the Sawmill pretty good 6/10 score


biker babes wet t shirt contest