Hands down the best party in America. It doesn't get any bigger, wilder or more fun than this one!

Gallagher sucked. Hell, I dunno even where to start. Show up buzzed, stood on a soapbox for 30 minutes boring people, smashed some crap and walked off the stage early pissed off because ''people weren't enjoying his show''. Maybe it's because he (I know, I'm repeating myself) sucks? Honestly I could walk into any bar on a Tuesday night and find somebody more entertaining.

At one point he had security remove two girls from the front row because they ''weren't paying attention'' to him. Could it possibly be because he wasn't funny?

Certainly NOT the Gallagher I remember. Oh well, at least he stomped off and didn't come back. Too bad for him, Bag Lady Sue filled his time slots for the next two nights and he could have learned a thing or three about how to be a comedian from her.

What a disappointing show. At least he's good at smashing stuff.

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