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East Coast Sturgis motorcycle rally in Little Orleans, MD

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DATES : August 11-15th, 2010

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 21 or better to enter

LOCATION : Little Orleans, MD

ENTRY FEES : $50 entry fee for the entire show, $40 for Friday-Sunday. No Hook ups, primitiive camping only. Extra $50 fee for anything over 24ft long. Free camping for anything under 24ft in length. Free hot showers and porta potty toilets in the campgrounds.

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : What T shiirt contest, Ass shaking contest.

OTHER : Traditional Saturday afternoon biker rodeo games, Saturday afternoon motorcycle demolition derby, bike show, thong pull, screaming orgasm contest.

LIVE BANDS : Kashmir, Big Mike Griffen, Strikken, Jetstream, Ashes Remain, Unruly Blues band, The Nighthawks, Citizen's band radio, Ghostriders.

RALLY GROUNDS : Medium sized place with a stage, vendor area, flat camping fields and shaded areas reserved for tent camping. Free hot showers, porta potty toilets.

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      Wow. That was FUN!

      My first time up to the East Coast Sturgis rally and I really enjoyed it. It reminds me of the old days, when people used to ride out on their bikes, camp out for the weekend and throw down.

      The actual grounds are a lot smaller than you would think, unless you're tent camping you will need to show up early to get a spot. No hook ups, but generators are welcome. There are a half dozen other campgrounds (including a state park) located less than a couple of miles from the place, so you don't have to worry about not being able to get in... worst case scenario you may just have to ride you bike back and forth to the party.

      And what a party it is. Tons of people, East Coast Sturgis has a real ''old school'' feel to it. The schedule is more of a guideline than a set in concrete kind of thing, events often start a few minutes early or late depending on wether or not everyone's ready to go.

      Coolest thing I saw all weekend long was the motorcycle demolition derby. Ya. You read it it right, they've got these little Honda bikes all beat to hell and cordon off an area for the main event. The only rule? Don't hit the other guy's legs! As you can imagine there's wipeouts, crashing into hay bales, swan dives of riders on scooters flying into the crowd and crashing into the dirt berms... and just about anything else. Trust me, Evil Knievel ain't got shit on this.

      Some great bands rounded out the weekend, personal favorites where Kashmir and Big Mike Griffen. Early morning poker run, bike show, tattoo contest (his and hers) and a wet t shirt contest where they forgot the water... and the T shirts! Hahahha. And nobody even noticed, let alone cared.

      I highly recommend this show. They've only got one a year, but it's the kind of party I wouldn't mind riding 500 miles to attend... because I know it's well worth the trip.

      Bob rates this party an ok 9/10 score