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Newport, TN

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DATES : June 3-6th, 2010

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 21 or better to enter

LOCATION : Newport, TN

ENTRY FEES : $35 per person for the entire show, day pass available for $20. RV hookups available, free tent camping.


LIVE BANDS : Big Engine, Geneva, Stone Sunshine, Saturday Night Special and the Trailer Trash Rockers

CAMPGROUNDS : RV spots (with hookups) available along one side of the race track, the stage and vendors along the other. VERY nice (free) shower house with plenty of hot water. Drive through biker bar located at the end of the tarmac. Tent camping spaces available up by the bar.

GAMES & STUFF : American Hellriders wall of death, drive through biker bar, race your own motorcycle on the track against all comers, Dixie Dream Dancers live on stage, Battle of the bands.

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      A nice weekend at the drag strip

      This is only Rally at Strip's second year, located out in the beautifull hills of north-eastern Tennessee.

      The party's centered around the English Mountian drag strip and they run bikes all weekend long. Unlike highly organised (and expensive) top fuel races this one's just for fun. Just sign a waiver and run your bike down the track. Race your buddies, race your girlfriend or show up the fat dude on a road king... it's all in good fun.

      They've got a little stage set up on side of the strip with some kickin bands lined up for the weekend. Geneva, Big Engine and Stone Sunshine put on great shows, and they had a battle of the bands Thursday and Friday night with the band Saturday Night Special taking the honors.

      The set up is kind of strange with a drive through biker bar way out at the end of the drag strip where the party moves after dark. If I were these guys I would forget about the bar at the top of the hill and move the party down to the stage... and of course throw in a wet tee shirt contest or two every night. But hey, that's just my two cents worth.

      It wasn't a bad show at all, I had a good time just hanging out. The bands were really good and watching amateurs run the bikes they rode in on down the track is always fun.

      Bob rates this party 5/10


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