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2010 LABOR DAY BIKER PARTY in in Sandy Hook, MS

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DATES : September 3-6, 2010

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 21 or better to enter


ENTRY FEES : $35 entry fee for the entire show. Sunday Only $25 admission. Tent camping $20, Campers $25 no hookups. $20 golf cart fee. His and Her's shower houses, free hot showers. Porta potty toilets in the campgrounds.

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : Friday, Saturday and Sunday wet t shirt contests. Topless sack race, topless bouncy ball race.

OTHER : Traditional afternoon biker rodeo games on both Friday and Saturday. Bike show, Poker run, Naked water slide on Saturday afternoon. Women's bubble bath wrestling. Early Sunday AM CMA church services.

LIVE BANDS : Jason Wesley, The Storm, Cypress.

RALLY GROUNDS : Private property, very secluded. Nice sized place with a good sized stage, vendor area and flat camping fields. His and Her's shower houses on either side of the stage, complete with hot showers and bathrooms. Porta potty toilets scattered throughout the campgrounds. Water slide off the the left of the main stage. Packed dirt roads. Full RV hookups with water and power available.

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      I knew this one was going to be fun...

      I just had to make it down to Sandy Hook this weekend for the labor day biker party, not only because it's a rocking good time but it's also their 10th anniversary bash.

      What a great weekend with tons of games and contests pretty well all afternoon followed by some kind of ''get naked'' contest up on the stage and a live band that would rock out the rest of the night. They had three different bands out that weekend, including Jason Wesley who got up on stage doing his rockin' country thing and partied out hard with the crowd. You've gotta love a band like that.

      Smack me if I forget to mention the adults only water slide. Clothing is certainly optional going down the flume, the general consensus seems to be that all that extra weight slows you down. Who cares? It's cool to watch, and always one of the main events.

      It's also one of the few shows left that has a burn out contest that people actually participate in, some guys even bring along a spare tire or two because they want to win.

      Every Labor day I hit up this show for a good reason. It's lot's of fun, really wild and the people that go there are all very cool. It's one of those shows that just ''feels'' good. Two shows a year, Memorial and Labor Day weekends... don't miss it!

      Bob rates this party an excellent 9/10 score!