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June Bug Boogie TOO fall 2010 motorcycle rally in Cookeville, TN

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DATES : September 23-26nd, 2010

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 21 or better to enter

LOCATION : Cookeville, TN

ENTRY FEES : $30 entry fee for the entire show. No support vehicule fees. Camping is free. Free hot showers and porta potty toilets in the campgrounds.

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : Miss Boogie TOO contest, Mr. Boogie TOO contest, Men's hot chaps contest, Women's over 40 wet t shirt contest, All ages wet t shirt contest, Men's hot buns contest, women's hot chaps contest.

OTHER : Some VERY GOOD friday and Saturday afternoon biker rodeo games, Dildo bobbin, Pole in the hole, Honey I'm home, helmet toss, topless tire toss.

LIVE BANDS : Jason Wesley, Phoenix Rising, HC Allstars band, Micheal Curry and the Chase band, Sour Mash band.

RALLY GROUNDS : Nice sized place with rolling hills, a stage, vendor area, some flat camping and shaded areas. Scooters and Hooters biker bar located at the rally entrance. Very nice (hot) free shower house. Porta potty toilets.

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      June Bug slams out another great show!

      For all of you that have never been, June Bug Boogie does two shows a year and is as crazy as it gets. Located about 90 minutes west of Nashville, TN it's on very secluded private property and wild as hell.

      Some great bands, tons of biker rodeo games both Friday and Saturday afternoons, back to back contests ever single day of the show... this is about as much fun as you can have short of winning the lottery. And the low gate fee and no support vehicule fee just makes it all the better.

      This fall's party was pretty damn good. The weather held out, the people partied hard and good times were had by all. Isn't that what it's all about?

      If you like your parties wild, crazy and for adults only this is damn well near as good as it gets. I highly recommend this show, two parties every year. Check out their website for future dates.

      Bob rates this party an excellent 9/10 score!