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DATES : June 9-13th, 2010

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 18 or better to enter

LOCATION : Cave in Rock, IL

ENTRY FEES : $40 per person, $40 support vehicle fee. Free tent camping, Free hot showers, Early bird entry on Wednesday an extra $10, traler/campers $20, RV/bus $60

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : Wet tee shirt every evening at the main stage, Afternoon coed hottie shorts contest (beach stage), Afternoon cool down contest (beach stage), Topless hula hoop contest (main stage), Ass shaking contest (main stage), Naughty schoolgirl contest (main stage), Men's buns of steel contest, Pickle licking contest, Strong girl contest, Beer belly hula contest, Strong man contest.

JUST FOR FUN : Free Wall of death shows every hour or so for the entire event. Helicopter rides, Body painting, Rich Guzzi the erotic hypnotist daily shows, Free Mechanical bull rides every evening at the main stage, Skinny dipping pond, DJ and live music at the beach stage every afternoon.

LIVE BANDS : Kentucky Headhunters, Black Oak Arkansas, Bag Lady Sue (biker comedian), Geneva, Black Stone Cherry, Minx, Jake Martin band, Southern Pride band, Sixxkiller, Orry Kraw, Bluffet, Stombox 40, Judge Parker band, Southbound,

CAMPGROUNDS : Lot's of open space, few electrical hookups available. Plenty of shaded spots but they fill up fast. Good, hard packed crushed limestone roads throughout the campgrounds. Grass fields for camping. Nice large main stage with two satellite stages (at the beach area and at the top of the hill). Vendors around both the main stage and the hill stage. Private property, very secluded. Two free shower houses with hot water.

GAMES & STUFF : Saturday afternoon biker rodeo games, Hollywood Knockout strip show / baby oil wrestling / shaving cream wrestling shows daily. Saturday morning Poker run..

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      Hell ya. Every wanna be promoter in America should go to Hog Rock to see a REAL PARTY done right.

      Free mechanical bull rides, free hot showers, free wall of death show's for everyone, all weekend long. Helicopter rides, body painting, Ass Kicking top notch bands that know how to party, Go Go girl cages, Clothing optional skinny dipping pond... this party has it all. On three different stages! Because it's just too much to squeeze into one place on the rally grounds, which are huge.

      I've said it before and I'll say it again. If I ever quit my job and could only go to one party a year it would be Hog Rock.

      Did I forget to mention the Hollywood Knockout girls with their baby oil and shaving cream wrestling? And the wild contests every day, on all three of the different stages? That's because Hog Rock is like Disney world... for bikers. You just can't take it all in on a single weekend.

      The even had Bag Lady Sue up on stage both on Friday and Saturday to warm up the crowd for the bands with her own particular brand of comedy. Both Geneva and Kentucky Headhunters came out rockin' hard and fast... and the crowd just loved it. If you like your shows big and wild with other grownups and no children, THIS IS your party.

      They've got another show scheduled coming October 7-10th, 2010. Want a hot tip? Go to it! Go to it! Go to it! Go to it! Go to it! Go to it! Go to it! You won't be dissapointed. And no, just for the record they don't pay me a damn dime. The party really is that good.

      Bob rates this party an off the scale /10 score!