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Hawg Valley fall 2010 motorcycle rally in Graham, KY

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DATES : August 19-22nd, 2010

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 18 or better to enter


ENTRY FEES : $25 entry fee for the entire show. Hook ups $15 per night, limited availability. Primitive camping is free. $15 support vehicule fee, $15 golf cart fee. No ATV's or four wheelers. Free hot showers and porta potty toilets in the campgrounds.

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : Friday and Saturday night wet t shirt contests.

OTHER : Traditional Saturday afternoon biker rodeo games, bike show, dirt drags and a few other competitions thrown as as time permitted.

LIVE BANDS : Pluto's Revenge, Rocking Foot Clutch.

RALLY GROUNDS : Nice sized place with a stage, vendor area, flat camping fields and areas reserved for tent camping. Very limited shade. Old barn on top of the hill where you can go party after hours.

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      Back after a couple of years...

      I remember going to the very first Hawg Valley rally 7-8 years ago and have been back a couple of times over the years.

      Things are a little better organized now, with a real DJ, tons of Saturday afternoon field events (biker rodeo games), a bike show and of course their famous motorcycle dirt drags.

      I heard they had a hell of a party this spring, too bad the weather was kind of rainy this weekend. They still had a nice little crowd, but the place is pretty big and could have easily handled twice as many folks.

      The party itself was pretty good, but they have this old barn up on the hill and it kind of breaks up the festivities. You'd be watching the band play down at the bottom of the hill to a crowd of 20 people... then wet t shirt time would come around and the stage would pack out.

      The turnout wasn't too bad, the party wasn't too bad, the DJ was good and the bands were pretty good. I guess pretty good... pretty well sums it up.

      Bob rates this party an ok 6/10 score