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Faunsdale, AL

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DATES : April 15-18th, 2009

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 18 or better to enter

LOCATION : Faunsdale, AL

ENTRY FEES : $30 per person. No support vehicule fees. Free tent camping. Free camper spots (no amenities), electric available $80/30amp or $40/15amp hookup.

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : Saturday night wet t shirt contest

LIVE BANDS : Haywire, Full Throttle

CAMPGROUNDS : Free showers, lots of primitive (no hookup) camping, minimal shade

GAMES : Bike show, keg toss, weenie bite, plank race, balloon toss, slow race, keg roll

THINGS TO DO : Poker run, Sunday AM services, body painting on site, fallen bikers memorial service, midnight breezy ride

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      Faunsdale bike rally = fun

      It's been a couple of years since I've been to the Faunsdale bike rally and having a free weekend this year I was finally able to make it back.

      All I can say is... wow! The place has grown quite a bit with several thousand people showing up, camping out and generally having a great time. Unlike many shows they don't really do a whole lot to entertain, but the people don't seem to care. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great party. Just not as frenzied as many that I go to.

      Faunsdale's got some real old school biker games and have turned them into a full blown, all afternoon Saturday event. It's a lot of fun and they keep the games rolling right along, there's just a LOT of them.

      One live band both Friday and Saturday nights, with a wet t shirt contest thrown in on Saturday after dark. This isn't the kind of show you go to and talk about how great the bands were and how many different contests they had... you'll be much more likely to make some good friends and have a great time camping out. But hey, it works for them. And it works well. All in all I had more free time to just hang out and chat with people instead of running around shooting stuff... and I enjoyed it more.

      Faunsdale is an old, well established show and you can tell after about 5 minutes there. Everybody seems to know just about everybody else. People tend to camp out in the same spots, and meet the same friends year after year. And the party keeps growing and growing.

      It's not a wild and crazy show. And they could do a little more to entertain the people down at the stage. But it's one great, laid back ''let's just hang out and have a good time'' weekend and I highly suggest you give it a whirl some time, you won't be dissapointed.

      Bob rates this party a 8/10!